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Intercoms are a great way to maintain control over who arrives on your door step. Intercoms give you the ability to communicate with visitors within the security of your home or business before granting access via pedestrian or vehicle gates etc. There is a wide variety of systems available ranging from basic audio only systems, colour video systems, GSM and IP network systems with smart phone integration also available. Traditional systems utilize fixed cabling throughout the installation to establish voice and or video communication and door/gate activation. GSM and WiFi intercoms utilize a SIM card or local network to communicate with landlines or mobile phones. This advancement in technology is also a great option when an existing system has a cabling installation that has been damaged or degraded and the repair or replacement of the cabling is not a cost-effective option. Another benefit of this new technology is the ability to communicate and grant access via your mobile phone, no more missing those important deliveries while you’re out and about!

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